Virtual Rapat Kerja Nasional 2020/2021

Publish by Admin Web on 25 November 2020

This Year Rapat Kerja Nasional was held by Universitas Sebelas Maret on October 30th-November 1st. It was held virtually and this year's theme is "Dopamine: Dodging Depression in Daily Routines". AMSA Unhas delegates for virtual Rapat Kerja Nasional 2020/2021 were Yuliana Bernadetha Patangke, Arifi Jauhary Su'dan, Luqyana Tiwi Mufidah Akhyani, Adrian Manuel Sutanto, Venna Regita Cahyadi, M. Ilham Mubarak A. R. Bando, Jeane Kinanti Tandung, and Jiveen Rajendra.

The first day of virtual Rapat Kerja Nasional 2020/2021, our delegates were attending the opening ceremony. Then, they were given nglectures from Sehat Mental Indonesia about Stress and Depression. The welcoming party held after ishoma where they got a chance to hear a harmonious choir, Voca Erudita. After the choir, they got another chance to see Surakarta through virtual city tour and merch bazaar with cool designed merches. After that, the first day ended with election and ratification of the presidium.

On the last day, our delegates attend meetings and many games. There was announcement of social act event winner and an exceptional performance from OC Rakernas 2020. This annual meeting continued with "meet the expert" session by dr, Nurliati Sari Handini Sp. BP-RE and finally concluded with a farewell party.

We would like to thank Universitas Sebelas Maret for hosting this year's Rapat kerja Nasional. We also like to congratulate AMSA-Universitas Sam ratulangi as the host of the upcoming musyawarah Nasional.

"Enrich Collaboration, Exceed Boundaries"

Viva AMSA!

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