Rapat Kerja Nasional 2019/2020

Publish by Admin Web on 27 September 2019

This year's Rapat Kerja Nasional was held on September 06-08, 2019 at Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang, South Sumatera.

On the first day after arriving at Sultan Mahmud Baharuddin II Airport our delegates headed straight to Griya Agung for a Welcoming Party. They played some games and have dinner together. In the end of Welcoming Party, there was a election of the presidiums for tomorrow's meeting

On the next day, our delegates were taken to Hotel Emilia to attend the meeting. It was opened by the recitation of the meeting's rule and the report from each AMSA-university event project. Then there is also bidding for the Musyawarah Nasional and National Leadership Traing venues. Then a report from Executive Board of AMSA-Indonesia 2019/2020. After that, our delegates were brought back to the hotel to prepare for the farewell party at Kuta Besak Teater Restaurant. There our delegates heard "sharing expert" material from dr. Debbie, alumni of AMSA-Indonesia and Kak Garda Widhi, former Regional Chairperson of AMSA-Indonesia. Then they have dinner and played some games. Besides, they also celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of AMSA-Indonesia. Lastly, our delegates went straight back to the hotel to have a Rapat Tatap Muka (RTM) to discuss about a work progress of the AMSA-Indonesia Executibe Board in more detail.

On the third day, our delegates did a campaign about strokes to the citizens of Palembang at Taman Lambang. After that they went to Pempek Beringin to buy traditional snacks from Palembang. Then they head to the airport using the Palembang LRT train.

We would like to thank Universitas Sriwijaya for hosting us and congratulates AMSA-Unismuh who has chosen as the host for the National Leadership Training (NLT) and AMSA-Universitas Indonesia as the host of the Musyawarah Nasional (MUNAS).

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