Rapat Kerja Nasional 2018

Publish by Admin Web on 22 September 2018

Our 8 delegates attended Rapat Kerja Nasional that was held from 17th-19th of August 2018 at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, East Java.

On the first day, after the delegates arrived at the hotel, a lecture was held there. Our delegates attended welcoming party with a red and white dress code. There, a presidium selection was done and one of our delegates, Roynaldi Octa Hosea, was selected as one of the presidium.

On the second day, our delegates attended rakernas in GKB4 in UMM Malang, we wore our alma-mater proudly. The first agenda was the decree of Presidium and EB of AMSA-Indonesia 2018/2019. Then, they announce their work programs. After that, each university told their own work programs. Next, bidding NLT and MUNAS were done. Farewell party was held in Sengkaling Kuliner with navy white dress code. Rapat Tatap Muka was held after that to conclude the place for NLT is UPH and the place for MUNAS is UNAIR.

On the third day, the delegates did a social act in Markas Veteran Rampal, where medical check was done to geriatrics and campaign about osteoporosis was brought by Rebecca Olivia, our Secretary of Community Outreach AMSA-Indonesia 2018/2019. After that, the delegates was brought to Museum Angkut in Batu, Malang.

“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity”

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