Published on 7 April 2022

Our Planet, Our Health - World Health Day 2022

Published on 7 April 2022

In the face of the current pandemic, a polluted planet, and an increasing incidence of diseases, the theme for World Health Day 2022 is "Our Planet, Our Health". It all started from 1945, when an organization is born, dedicated to discuss health topics. On April 7th 1948, the World Health Day was designated in the first Assembly to celebrate the creation of WHO. A couple years later, the World Health Day was officially celebrated, and on WHO's 50th anniversary, they tackles the topic of safe motherhood.

On this World Health Day celebration, there are some random facts that we should know.

  • There are about 70% of social and health workers are women
  • 100 million people survive on 1.90 dollar or less a day
  • 2195 children around the world die from diarrhea
  • 800 woman die every day due to pregnancy complications
  • 20.6% adults in America experienced mental illness in 2019

So, why exactly planetary health matter to all of us? Environmental factors including climate change claim 13 million lives every year. Not only that, there are about 2 billion people lack safe drinking water causing 829.000 people die from diarrhea every year. Rising temperature and floods caused by climate change will put 2 billion people at risk of dengue. While air pollution kills 13 people every minute causing lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes.


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