National Leadership Training 2019

Publish by Admin Web on 18 April 2019

National Leadership Training 2019 was held in Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta.

The first event was Welcoming Party, where speeches were given by Regional Chairperson Candiate. After a brief break in Dusun Kunjani, delegates played a night game, where they had to solve a mystery riddle.
Second day started with going to a battalion, where delegates were taught how to march and got a chance to ride an army tank. They then went back to university to enhance their knowledge about HIV/AIDS and did some small group discussions. Last event of the day was Farewell Party, where there were presentations about AMSEP, IMSTC and Rakernas bidding, rewards for best universities, and ends with Rapat Tatap Muka (RTM).

Last day opened up with social action in Ancol Beach, starting with zumba, talkshow, campaign with APH National’s theme diabetes #getfitnotsweet to Ancol Beach’s visitors.
“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity”

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