Indonesian Medical Students’ Training and Competition 2021 [IMSTC 2021]

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IMSTC 2021 is held on 6th-7th and 13th-14th February 2021. Bringing “Trypanosoma” as a theme, this 4 days virtual national event has definitely bring a diverse experience!

On the first day, it was a grand entrance of opening ceremony, continued with lecture, Post-AMSEP Presentation, Welcoming Party, “The Journey to Aceh” *Museum Tsunami and Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman), Merchandise Bazaar and ended with Technical Meeting for the academic competitions.

On the second day, academic delegates strives to compete in many competitions while other delegates get small class trainings for scientific paper and photography. Delegates also get to experience lecture and continued the virtual city tour series to “PLTD Apung”. The night ends with sponsorship session and the cultural Aceh Night Show.

A week later, the third day starts with competitions and small class trainings for scientific poster, videography and public poster. The day also was completed with virtual toor to “Sabang”, AMSA-Indonesia Session, Sponsorship Session, and AMSA International Day (Cultural Booth).

The last day was not less exciting, as the day starts with Rapat Tatap Muka and Mini Advocacy Simulation. Then, we are brought to the closing ceremony, social hour, and the opening of EOTY. Later on, there’s merchandise bazaar, the bright district performances, elegant inauguration of APH, city tour of “Rumoh Aceh” and the awaited competition winner announcement. That’s how grand the farewell party was.

AMSA-Unhas is very grateful for this event, and we hope the delegates can share the insightful event to other members as we find it so fun yet informative! See you on the next IMSTC!

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