Indonesian Medical Students’ Training and Competition 2020


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Indonesian Medical Students’ Training and Competition (IMSTC) 2020 was successfully hosted by AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya on February 6th-9th. The event was started with a welcoming party at Graha Medika, Universitas Brawijaya

The next day, our delegates attended lectures, talkshow, GO session and small class training about TRACTION: Trauma Care With Comprehensive Solutions. Then, they went culinary night and tried some Malang culinary such as sempol, dawet, degan, sate and bakso

The third day was the competition day. AMSA-Unhas sent a partner of academic delegates for public poster competition and they achieved the most favorite public poster! After the competition, our delegates continued went to Ijen Hotel and had a pleasant farewell party

On the last day of IMSTC 2020, our delegates went city tour and then had their flight back to Makassar. This 4-days-event was very enjoyable. Our delegates made a lot new friends and also got bunch of new knowledges, thank you AMSA-UB!

“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”

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AMSA-Unhas (Asian Medical Students' Association-Unhas) was founded on 2002. It is a board member in AMSA-Indonesia (since 2004) and AMSA-International (since 2005).

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