Expedition and Observation 2019

Publish by Admin Web on 20 December 2019

Expedition and Observation (EXON) 2019 is a collaboration program between AMSA-Unhas and AMSA-UGM. EXON was hosted by AMSA-UGM from 14th-17th December 2019.


On the first day after our delegates arrived at Yogyakarta, they attend the first event, which was Welcoming Party at Omah Dhuwur Jogja. Then, on the second day our delegates went to catch sunrise at Puncak Mangunan and straightforward to explore at Pantai Wohkudu. Also, they went to learn to make Batik and then continued with social action at the orphan. At night, they went to Purawisata Jogja to see a traditional dance called Tari Ramayana

The third day started with lectures and clinical skill lab at Universitas Gadjah Mada. Then, they went tour to the Kraton Ngayogyakarta and Malioboro. Then, the third day was closed with a warm farewell party

On the last day, they went city tour to Candi Borobudur and then our delegates were sent to the airport. This is such a unforgettable experience for our delegates. May this journey brings a new lesson for us! Thank you, AMSA-UGM!


“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”

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