Published on 27 December 2020

Nurturing Children's Health 2020 (NICE 2020)

December 12th-13th, 2020
Panti Asuhan Rahmatullah

On December 12th and 13th, AMSA-Unhas organizing Nurturing Children's Health 2020 in Panti Asuhan Rahmatullah. This event run with a vision to enchance awareness for children's health specially at the site for this event.

First day of the event, Kak Yashinta Rumpa eloquently intoduced ways to stay clean in the pandemic, complemented by Kak Indah Khairunnisa's explanation on how to stay healthy in pandemic. Then move to the next event's item, we're making a coloring competition and guess the move game. From this games, we caught a glimpse happiness, smiles, and laughter of the children.

The second day continues with an exciting crossword pop quizz, its becoming more exciting and all the attended joined into a focused group discussion. After that the events end, we're really gkad to see happiness and ethusiasm of children for learning things to do in this pandemic.

"Enrich Collaboration, Exceed Boundaries"