Published on 20 December 2021

National Action Event 2021

Friday-Sunday, 17th-19th December 2021
AMSA-Unsri (Sriwijaya University)

On Friday until Sunday, 17th-19th December 2021, National Action Event (NAE) 2021 was held by AMSA Indonesia, hosted by AMSA-Unsri. AMSA-Unhas was a part of this national event with 14 members of them as delegates, and one debate team for the Debate Competition. On the first day, the delegates attended the Opening Ceremony, followed by AMSA-Indonesia Session, Post AMSEP Presentation, and the delegates also had some fun watching the Welcoming Party and Merchandise Bazaar. The first day was then ended with a Technical Meeting session for the next day's activities. On the next day, the Debate Competition finally started which was attended by debaters from each AMSA-university. Not only that, the general delegates also participated in various fun activities, including NGO Session (Talk Show); “Let's Find Out More About Diabetes!”, GO Session (Webinar); “Diabetes Prevention, Set a Balanced Diet, Is It Necessary?”, Focus Group Discussion, Social Hour (Workshop); “Be an Expert on Your Own Drink!”, Sponsorship Session, Research Time with the Expert, and then closed with Peh Besanjo session to Palembang.

The last day started with RTM (Rapat Tatap Muka) between AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-universities. After the RTM session, the semi-final and final round of the NAE 2021 Debate Competition finally held. The activity was then followed with the delegates attending the Peh Besanjo session to Palembang, Merchandise Bazaar, Opening Event of the Year (EOTY), and Ambassador of Public Helath (APH) 2021/2022 Inauguration. Finally, NAE 2021 officially closed with the winner announcement of the Debate Competition and Charity Concert.

We congratulate and highly appreciate the AMSA-Unhas Debaters (M. Reyza Junus Alkatiri, Lidia Jamal, and A. Achmad Fariz Andrian M.) who have won 3rd place in the NAE 2021 Debate Competition!

We also thank AMSA-Unsri for hosting this year's NAE, hopefully our friendship will continue until the end!


“Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Service for Others.”

Viva AMSA!