Published on 13 December 2021

Inauguration Day AMSA-Unhas 20

Sunday, 12th November 2021
Our Own House

On 12th November 2021, the treasure hunters finally arrived at The Mainland for the final journey. In this destination, they went through some stages that were very challenging for them and it must be an interesting one! The last journey started with a presentation from each division on AMSA-Unhas so that the treasure hunters can have more information and knowledge about the division that they will join as a shipmate of AMSA-Unhas.

On this trip, the treasure hunters also got a lot of new insights about AMSA-Unhas from the Alumni Talk session. Not only that, there were 2 challenging games that the treasure hunters had to pass. These games can also build a tighter relationship between the treasure hunters. All of this sequence of challenges will be a really precious experience for them in the future. On this event, some performances were also brought to the treasure hunters by the shipmates. The treasure hunters also present some performances that were interesting enough to make the shipmates laugh and cheers.

On the inauguration session, the treasure hunters finally confirmed as the official shipmates of AMSA-Unhas. This session also marked the end of the long journey, and the beginning of another venturous journey ahead! Last but not least, there were also an awarding session for the best group and the best treasure hunter.

To start the new journey, they need a captain to lead their journey. Not only a captain, they also need a leader for their Welcoming Party later. All of the previous shipmates congratulated the treasure hunters who are now officially be a part of AMSA-Unhas.

“Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Services for Others.”
Viva AMSA!