Published on 26 May 2021

Expedition and Observation (EXON) Series 3 2021

30th April - 2nd May 2021
on Our Own House

Expedition and Observation [EXON] Series 3 started on 30th April 2021 and has officially ended on 2nd May 2021, after agents fulfilled their missions to save Planet Vulcan on “Zupine:A Whimsical Journey”.

Agents were welcomed to AMSA-Unhas virtually with welcoming dance, introduction of agents, amusing games and friendship hour via airmeet. After getting to know with each other, agents were assigned to three lectures by experts on the next day. The mini webinar was about “Zoom Up With Maintained Health for Less Fatigue” with “Low Back Pain” by dr. Yose Waluyo, Sp.KFR(K), “Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)” by dr. Ahmad Ashraf Amalius, MPH, Sp.M(K), M.Kes, and A Physiological Perspective by Ade Binarko (Founder of Next, agents were brought to Universitas Hasanuddin Campus Tour, cultural session, and lastly the intimate games session via breakout rooms. On the last day, the event was filled with amusing insightful sessions such as Cultural Session, “The Secret Door” Session, Makassar (Virtual) City Tour, the heart-warming Performance by Delegates, the suspenseful Court Session, the happiest Awardings Session, Mentimeter and Performance by Committee. At last, the delegates look back on the well-spent three days in an After-Event Video.

Thank you EXON! The three series had been very thrilling! AMSA-Unhas look forward for more exciting stories in next year’s EXON!

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries.”