Published on 25 January 2021

Charity Webinar 2021

23rd January 2021
Our Own House

On 23rd January 2021, AMSA-Unhas held Charity Webinar bringing a topic about "Nutrition Education for Better Life"(NUTELA). This topic give an answer for our struggle to participate and donate even in this pandemic as our duty in humanism.

The first session was brought by dr. A. Yasmin Syauki, M. Sc., Sp. GK filled with inspirative ideas discussing about "Nutritional Management During Pandemic COVID-19: What to Know and Facts vs Myths". Continued by dr. Andi Faradillah, M. Kes., Sp. GK with giving insights about "Strategies for Growing A Healthy Diet Lifestyle".

Later on the third session, dr. Sri Selvia, M. Kes, Sp. GK brought a lecture with parents perspective about "Nutrition Parenting Education: The Management of Nutritional Balance of Youngs". The Last Session before wrap up the events, brought by Vilino Melda Sitepu, SKM from Cita Sehat Foundation explains "Program Sedia Gizi" directly from the foundation for you.

"Enrich Collaboration, Exceed The Boundaries"