Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA - Unhas X KPAJ #AksiHebat

23rd February 2019
Gedung IPTEKS Universitas Hasanuddin

AMSA-Unhas and KPAJ (Komunitas Peduli Anak Jalanan) worked together to hold an event themed "#AksiHebat: Aku Sehat, Indonesia Hebat" on 23rd February 2019, taking place in the second floor of Gedung IPTEKS Unhas.

The event comprised of two talks given by our seniors from AMSA-Unhas, the topics being Pola Hidup Bersih Sehat (PHBS) and Dokter Cilik (Dokcil). The kids were enthusiastic throughout, making the atmosphere was that of joy and excitement. A video about the potentially dangerous effects of unhealthy habits were displayed to start off the importance of PHBS. The playing of the video was then followed by a workshop with 4 stops. The first stop, called "tempat sampah cantik," followed by "jajanan sehat," then "cuci tangan" and "poster 3M." The kids were split into four groups, where they went to the stops in order. In each stop, there were members of AMSA-Unhas to help and teach them.

The event paused for a break, where lunch was had with the kids and KPAJ members. After the break, it was onto the Dokcil part of the event. It started with a video about the Susan doll. Afterwards, the kids were taught about the care for wounds, nosebleeds, swellings, bruises, and allergies. The event was closed by taking a picture together.


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