Published on 23 May 2022

AMSA-Unhas Remarkable Talent Show (ARTS) 2022

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Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 22nd May 2022
Zoom Meeting and Athirah Islamic School, Makassar.

On May 22, 2022, AMSA-Unhas held a talent show named ARTS (AMSA-Unhas Remarkable Talent Show) which is an activity to develop and appreciate the interests and talents of AMSA-Unhas members, such as music, dance, or sing. ARTS 2022 has the theme 00-10's & 90's and consist of several series of activities, starting from the Audition (28th April - 10th May 2022), Audition Assessment (14th May 2022), and the Grand Final (22nd May 2022).

The full audition process was held online with participants submitting a performance video, and then the assessment was done through a zoom meeting. The participants' audition videos was then played in front of the judges before the assessment from the judges itself afterwards to determine the grand finalists.

The grand final stage was held both offline at Athirah Islamic School (Jl. Kajolaido No. 22, Makassar) and online via a zoom meeting. The event started with an opening video, followed by the introduction of the grand final judges. The performance from the grand finalists finally begin, as well as the assessment session by the judges afterwards. In between the participants' performances, a funny parody video and games were shown at the grand final. The event then continued with the announcement of the winners of ARTS 2022. Finally, The event was then closed with a performance by the Organizing Committee of ARTS 2022

ARTS 2022 winners, namely:
1st Place: IRIS
2nd Place: FFAKAWS
3rd Place: The Saturn
Favorite Winner: Thiessya

We congratulate the winners of ARTS 2022 and all participants who have participated in this year' ARTS. We also thank our judges and all the committees who have worked hard so that ARTS can be carried out so well. We hope that ARTS really becomes a place for developing interests and talents for all AMSA-Unhas members and a place to make beautiful memories together!

We hope to see you on next year's AMSA-Unhas Remarkable Talent Show!

"Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Service for Others"
Viva AMSA!