Published on 27 April 2021

AMSA Unhas Remarkable Talent Show 2021

13th-17th April 2021
on Our Own House

ARTS 2021 was held on 13th April for the pre-final round and 17th April 2021 for the final round. Brought the “Back to 90’s” theme, the competition challenged the participants who had entered the final round to sing 2 songs each, with the song “Cantik” by Kahitna as the obligatory 1st song choice. Karen Kurnia, Cindy Marsela and FAKAW Band (Fayyadh, Aco, Kirsten, Aswad, Winston) killed the virtual stage! The performances continued with voting session, guess-the-song game and ended with the announcement as well as the awardings. Thank you for joining the 2021 AMSA-Unhas Remarkable Talent Show! We would like to express a very big gratitude for your humongous enthusiasm!

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries”