Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA-Unhas Podcast #5 - "Women Empowerment: Women's Place is Everywhere"

30th May 2019
@amsaunhas (instagram), AMSA-Unhas YouTube Channel

AMSA-Unhas is proud to be home to many smart, talented, empowered women that have contributed much in building AMSA-Unhas to be what it is today. AMSA-Unhas aspires to continue being a place where its members can learn and develop themselves to be the great people they are capable of being, regardless of genders. However, the topic of women empowerment is no simple issue. Although the problems women face have changed and the situations improved throughout history, to say the issues no longer exist is to be mistaken. It is important to identify these, being informed, and knowing the steps necessary to be taken to overcome them. After all, many great women are behind the success of nations and societies as a whole, every one doing their part in whichever role they chose. The empowerment of women does not only affect women. A society with empowered women is a society heading to greatness.

In the fifth AMSA-Unhas podcast, Chaca, a member of AMSA-Unhas and host of this podcast, interviewed Iin Fadhilah Utami (Representative of AMSA-Unhas 2016/2017, The Most Inspiring Student Mahasiswa Berprestasi, author of Jarak yang Kau Rayakan) and Andi Adriana Rumpang (Miss Sulawesi Selatan 2019) as they talked about women empowerment.

The video of the podcast can be watched below:

This video can be found in the official YouTube account of AMSA-Unhas, along with all the other podcasts and post-event videos.


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