Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA-Unhas Podcast #4 - "Audrey's Bullying–Perpetrator or Victim?"

26th April 2019
@amsaunhas (instagram), AMSA-Unhas YouTube Channel

Bullying has now increasingly been identified as the serious problem that it is. Albeit there are still many things in need of improvement, the support for stopping bullying has become more apparent, more so than it does the other direction. There have been campaigns and attempts made to increase awareness in regards of bullying--information about its types, roots, to the devastating and lasting effects it could prompt. A particular case of bullying, that of Audrey's, emerged and became a popular discussion topic, especially on social media. The case brought back important talking points, as most things are when they become popular, but the case all on itself was an interesting one. The case was discussed by many, polarizing people into sides. Through the many natures of the discussions, though, a question they mostly circled around was simple: perpetrator or victim?

The case of Audrey's bullying was the topic of the fourth ASMA-Unhas Podcast. Argatria, a member of AMSA-Unhas, sat down with dr. Rinoldy Mangiri and dr. Raissa Alfaathir and talked about this case.

The video of the podcast can be watched below:

This video can be found in the official YouTube account of AMSA-Unhas, along with all the other podcasts and post-event videos.


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