Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA-Unhas Podcast #2 - "Trigger Your Action in Emergency Situation"

8th of December 2018
@amsaunhas (instagram), AMSA-Unhas YouTube Channel

National Action Event is an annual national event that AMSA-Unhas had the honor to host this year, with the theme TRIAGE "Trigger Your Action in Emergency Condition." The event lasted three terrific days, starting from 16th to 18th November 2018. Many events were successfully held, starting from the Welcoming Party, NRPC presentation, lectures, debate competitions, social action, research talk show, social session, as well as the Farewell Party. This event not only gave the delegates a lot of knowledge to go home with, it also gave them an opportunity to share their knowledge and skill, became a place for them to make more friends, and of course, gave experiences they wouldn't otherwise have.

In this podcast, Leony and Liani, two AMSA-Unhas members who were also delegates in National Action Event, gave the listeners a look at the event from the perspective of delegates.

The video of the podcast can be watched below:

This video can be found in the official YouTube account of AMSA-Unhas, along with all the other podcasts and post-event videos.


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