Published on 15 May 2022

AMSA-Unhas Next Door 2 with AMSA-UAJ

Event Gallery
Saturday, 14th May 2022
Our Own House

On Saturday, May 15, 2022, AMSA-Unhas held an event to bond with other AMSA-Universities and also to implement one of the philosophy of AMSA, which is friendship. At this AMSA-Unhas Next Door 2 event, AMSA-Unhas invited AMSA-Unika Atma Jaya (AMSA-UAJ) to have fun together and share experiences together. This event brought the theme: A Tale of Two Kingdom.

In this event, AMSA-UAJ have welcomed with The Representative, General Secretary, Treasurer, alongside the Executive Boards of AMSA-Unhas by introducing AMSA-Unhas and some of its best events, while acting as a royal member of AMSA-Unhas Kingdom. AMSA UAJ also did the same thing by introducing AMSA UAJ through a sharing session. This event was also peppered with some exciting games to strengthened the bonding between AMSA-Unhas and AMSA-UAJ. Besides the introducing session, there are several QnA sessions between the two AMSA-universities to get to know each other. Then Finally, AMSA-Unhas and AMSA-UAJ did an amazing performance together and ended the event with a pleasant feeling.

We would like to thank AMSA-Unika Atma Jaya for all the fun at the event and wonderful memories together. We really hope this friendship will last forever. See you again on another event!

“Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Service for Others.”
Viva AMSA!