Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA-Unhas Fair 2019

Sunday, April 28th 2019
Taman Pakui Sayang - Makassar

On April 28th 2019, AMSA-Unhas held its annual event, AMSA Fair, which this year is themed "balanced nutrition." The event was held in Taman Pakui Sayang, a park where people usually run, jog, or spent the weekend.

There were a few booths available for the participants. There was a One Day As A Medical Doctor booth, where there were 5 stations. The first station was where participants could get explanations about general facts regarding anatomies and physiologies like why do people sweat, or why do people yawn when tired. The second station talked about the lungs pleural, specially about pleural effusions. Third station talked and did some simulations about vital signs, like blood pressure, pupil reflexes, and patella reflexes. The fourth station was about basic life support. Last but not least, the fifth station talked about traumatology, where participants get educated about how to safely open a helmet if there’s an accident and transport them safely to the nearest emergency care unit.

There also was a Nutrition booth, where participants could get their BMI checked, get consultation about their BMI, and food suggestion while fasting.  There was also a Games booth, where participants could play games to get prizes, as well as food and beverages tenant to accompany them throughout the event

“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity”