Published on 19 June 2022

AMSA-Unhas End of Tenure Farewell Party (After Party) 2022

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Saturday, 18th June 2022
Four Points by Sheraton Makassar

AMSA-Unhas End of Tenure Farewell Party (After Party) 2022 is one of the most awaited and most anticipated events in this tenure. This event was held, on June 18, 2022. In this event, we’re trying to strengthen the relationship between AMSA-Unhas members and alumni, and celebrating all of the achievements of the 2021/2022 tenure. The theme “Golden: Glamourizing Decades of AMSA-Unhas in Nightscape” was brought to this event. The event itself took place at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Makassar.

The event started with the invited guests registering, writing their signature on “The Wall of Sign”. The guests were also having an opportunity to write their feelings and everything they want to write about AMSA-Unhas on menfess. Started the glamourous event, one of the representatives of the Election Board Team 2022, M. Ilham Mubarak A. R. Bando, introduced the next AMSA-Unhas Representative Candidates for the 2022/2023 tenure. The first candidate is Gita Fitri Aidini Tammasse and the other candidate is Mohammad Reyza Junus Alkatiri. After the EBT Session, the event was opened with a live dance performance from AMSA-Unhas members. A kaleidoscope video about this tenure of AMSA-Unhas was played that includes this tenure’s events, from AMSEP Indonesia for China to the latest event, Optimizing Clean and Healthy Environment (Ocean) 2022. During the Gala Dinner session, the guests were pleased by amazing performances from AMSA-Unhas best performers, started by The Saturn, then an amazing duo performance by Afif X Dea, and ended beautifully by FFAKAWS.

Not only music performances, this event was also enlivened with an introduction session of AMSA-Unhas Divisions 2021/2022, followed by a dance performance by the members of this tenure. After that, the nomination and awarding sessions were held for the Best Members of each division, the Best Member Overall, and the Best New Member of AMSA Unhas 2021/2022. Not only for the division members, the awards were also given to the guests, including the member with the best look on the event, and the King and Queen of After Party 2022. To commemorate the members' togetherness during this tenure, a nostalgic video was played in front of the members and guests. After Party AMSA-Unhas 2022 was ended with a beautiful and emotional performance from AMSA-Unhas 19 members with the song History by One Direction and Ingatlah Hari Ini by Project Pop.

We thank each individual who participated in this wonderful and memorable party, from the Organizing Committees, Steering Committees, Project Officer, Executive Boards, Representative, and all of our beloved members and guests. We’re sure that the night will be an unforgettable one and a beautiful memory for all members and alumni of AMSA-Unhas because it was designed and executed with pure love and dedication.


Thank you to all parties involved, see you in the next tenure!


“Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Service for Others.”
Viva AMSA!