Published on 25 November 2020

AMSA-Unhas 18th Anniversary

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020
Our Own House

Happy 18th Anniversary, AMSA-Unhas!

Even though we're in a pandemic, it wasn't an excuse for not celebrate a joyous day of AMSA-Unhas. In this occasion, we're holding event in the form of AMSA-Unhas 18th Anniversary post-event video through game called "Find Your Inner AMSA!". This game created for AMSA-Unhas members to discover a division that suits their talent and interest most. After they played the game, they would have reminisced AMSA-Unhas moments through some old photographs which reminded us of all our accomplishes and memorable moments we've been through together in AMSA-Unhas.

In this AMSA-Unhas 18th Anniversary, we would like to thank all of AMSA-Unhas members for all the contributions and efforts you have given to AMSA-Unhas. Hopefully, what we've shared together in this past 18 years could be some of the most beautiful memories that all of us would love to carry and cherish for the rest of our lives.

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries”