Published on 27 September 2019

AMSA-Unhas 17th Anniversary

Sunday, 22nd September 2019
Iconik Cafe

On 22nd September 2019, AMSA-Unhas had an amazing sweet 17th celebration at Iconik Cafe. It was started by welcoming speeches by our beloved Head of AMSA-Anniversary Teamwork, Andi Choerunnisa, continued by our Representative, Yuliana Bernadetha and closed by our admirable senior, dr. Firdaus Kasim, Ph.D. Then, we enjoyed a fantastic singing performance by our dearest member, Kak Fahmi. Next, we played some games, flew laterns and blow candles. At last, we had dinner and took some pictures to capture the joyful moments

May this new chapter could be a bright and bold new chapter with new goals and different reasons to be inspired

“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”