Published on 9 June 2019


Monday, 16th December 2018
Masakini Food & Gallery

Friendship is one of the three visions that AMSA is based on. The bond between members of AMSA-Unhas is the invisible force keeping it going, so attempts at strengthening the bond are deemed important. One of those attempts is the making of the AMSA Time event.

On Sunday, 16th of December 2018, on Masakini Food & Gallery, the AMSA Time event was done with the goal of strengthening the bond between members from different classes and years. This was achieved through playing games and laughing together while having lunch. There were also stories shared by some of the senior members. A warm, fun, pleasant noon was had by everyone participating. What better way to spend the last moments of 2018 than with friends that feel like family?
“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity”