Published on 30 December 2019

AMSA-18 Open Recruitment

11th October - 10th November 2019
Universitas Hasanuddin & SMA Negeri 5 Gowa

The official steps of Open Recruitment had started with Technical Meeting, which was held on 25 October 2019 with the theme, Harry Potter. It was opened by our amazing Open Recruitment Project Officer, Nurul Fadhiah Alissa and continued by our beloved representative, Yuliana Bernadetha. Also there were sharing with expert from Michael Grant Husain, S.Ked. He told our potential recruits about how he changed after being one of The People of Tomorrow

A few weeks before Technical Meeting was held, we also did an unofficial step of Open Recruitment, which is external socialization, on 11 October with the theme, Movie Festival. During the movie festival, there were sharing with experts (by Iin Fadhilah, S.Ked, Richard Holman, S.Ked and Gabrielle Natasha) who told the potential recruits about what is it like to be in AMSA-Unhas, AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-International

Then, the next step of Open Recruitment is Written Test, where all the potential recruits were given a written test to know how far is their knowledge about AMSA. After the Written Test, the potential recruits was faced with Interview Test where they were interviewed by the experienced seniors of AMSA-Unhas to know more about their personality

After the Written and Interview Test, there was a 1-day Lecture, where the potential recruits were given some basic knowledges regarding being a member of AMSA-Unhas. The lectures was about Multimedia, Scientific Paper and Poster, Public Speaking and Effective Communication, Motivation Letter, Debate (with the debate simulation), Personal Branding and Global Way of Thinking

Lastly, the final step for the next people of tomorrow is Inauguration Camp, where the potential recruits were trained to build a good teamwork and also they could get to know AMSA-Unhas members better

Dear AMSA-18, congratulations and welcome to our family! You had successfully go through all the steps of Open Recruitment! Hopefully by joining our family, you will be able to develop all potentials that is within you!


“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”