Published on 9 June 2019

AMSA 17 Open Recruitment - Written Test & Interview

9-10th February 2019
GC 203 & PBL Room, Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University

The official steps of Open Recruitment for AMSA 17 started with Technical Meeting, where experts from AMSA-Unhas, which were Iin Fadhilah, S.Ked and dr. Firdaus Kasim, M.Sc, shared their experiences and knowledge of AMSA with our potential recruits; what it gave them and how it affected them. This not only showed our potential recruits what AMSA could give them, it also gave them additional information regarding AMSA-Unhas.

As prior knowledge of AMSA Unhas can really help our potential recruits to know what they are getting themselves into and for them to picture how they want to move forward in AMSA Unhas, the second step of Open Recruitment was Written Test. On Saturday, potential recruits were given a written test to find out how much they know about AMSA, especially AMSA-Unhas.

After that, they moved into Interview Test. There, they were interviewed by AMSA-Unhas’ most experienced and experts, to know why they want to join the family and to know more about their character.
“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity”