Published on 30 December 2019

ALSA Care - ALSA LC Unhas x AMSA-Unhas

Saturday, 30th November 2019
Kelurahan Sibatua, Pangkep

On 24th November, AMSA-Unhas, ALSA-Unhas, Formazi and Genbi held a pre-event of ALSA CLCC at CFD Sudirman. We did a health campaign about stunting and shared some fruits, milks and balloons as a complement of our campaign. We hope that this campaign could raise people’s awareness and knowledge towards stunting

Then on 30th November 2019, AMSA-Unhas did a collaboration with ALSA LC Unhas and Formazi at Kelurahan Sibatua, Pangkep in an event called ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic (CLCC). We made a social action, focusing on stunting. We did a health check on babies, childrens and also their moms.

Big thanks to ALSA-Unhas, Formazi and Genbi for this amazing collaboration. See you in another event in the future!

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