Published on 20 January 2023

Academic Training Program (ATP) 2022

Event Gallery
13th - 14th November 2022
Bermula Kopi, Jl. Bonto Sua No.6, Gaddong, Kec. Bontoala, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

Academic Training Program (ATP), is a program from the Academic and Research Division that is aimed to socialize, introduce, and increase the interest of making papers, public posters, scientific posters, videography, photography, and white papers to all the members of AMSA-Unhas. This academic and research program was held at Bermula Kopi for 2 days, started from 12th - 13th November 2022.

Starting with the first day, all the participant get to know more about public poster by Leony Octavia, S.Ked, scientific paper and systematic review by Muhammad Azka Al-Atsari, also scientific poster by Karen Kurnia that was very insightful and full of new informations.

On the second day, we learn videography and photography that was very fun with the simulation by Irene Jessica Leonardy,next we had white paper lecture by dr. Fadhilah Putri Wulandari and the last session about motivation letter arranged with a sharing session by dr. Falensia Dwita Lestari, MARS, the expert. We all get new knowledge and information, also fun with all the lectures and sharing session.

With Academic Training Program (ATP), all the member of AMSA-Unhas could get a lot of new insight, information and knowledge to improve themselves. Hopefully, this program will increase the interest of creating academic art, creation, and paper of all the participants!

"Explore Countless Possibilities, Shine in Ever More Excellency."

Viva AMSA!