Published on 28 July 2020

A Day For Moms AMSA-Unhas

July 13th & 18th, 2020
Puskesmas Bontonompo 2 & Our Own House

On July 2020, AMSA-Unhas executes a social event called A Day For Moms. This event focuses on moms’ mental health during COVID-19 pandemic.

With the theme “Kesehatan Jiwa, Adaptasi Gaya Hidup, dan Perubahan Protokol Kesehatan Selama New Normal”, we held a pre-event on July 13th at Puskesmas Bontonompo 2. During this pre-event, we shared some basic foods, milk, and educational pamphlets to the pregnant women.

Then, the event was held on July 18th. We made a Webinar to educate people with
1. Dr. dr. Isharyah Sunarno, Sp.OG (K)
2. Dr. dr. Saidah Syamsuddin, Sp.KJ
as the speaker, and dr. Iin Fadhilah Utami Tamasse as the moderator.

To make it fun, we also arranged a quiz for the participants using Kahoot.

Lastly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this event, thank you for your enthusiasm! We hope that this event could improve moms’ mental health especially during this pandemic.

“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”