Publish by Admin Web on 30 August 2021

Rapat Kerja Nasional 2021 hosted by University of Jenderal Achmad Yani was held for three days, started on Friday, 27th August 2021, until Sunday, 29th August 2021. This event was held virtually with the theme “NEBULA: Newness of Blessings Upon Love For AMSA”.

The first day started with the delegates attended the Opening Ceremony, followed by the first lecture about “Trauma Healing” by Dr. dr. Arlisa Wulandari, M.Kes., Sp.KJ. After a break, the delegates returned to the second lecture by dr. Terry Sandi, SpB., FINACS about “Kedaruratan Medik”. The Welcoming Party finally ahead after two lectures were given. The delegates were also invited to take a tour around Bandung City virtually. The first day officially ended with the election and legitimation of the presidium.

On the next day, the delegates attended a meeting and discussion about AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-Universities’s work program, and ended with an interview session with AMSA-Indonesia’s Executive Boards. The last day of Rakernas 2021 started with a meeting attended by the delegates, followed by Merchandise Bazaar and Social Art Announcement. The delegation then attended a session named “Meet The Expert” with Aprilianto Eddy Wiria, MD., PhD and dr. Sylvia Irawati, M.Gizi.

The Farewell Party marks the end of this event.
Thank you AMSA-Unjani for hosting this great event, we wish you all the best for a tenure ahead!

“Grow in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in The Service For Others”

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