Virtual National Action and Leadership Training 2021

Publish by Admin Web on 27 April 2021

Virtual National Action and Leadership Training 2021 is hosted by AMSA-Universitas Padjadjaran on 9th-11th April 2021 bringing the theme “PLACEBO - Positive Leadership in New Condition for a Better Odyssey“. On the first day, delegates were welcomed by presentation sessions, opening party, cultural session and merchandise bazaar. Post AMSEP Presentation and RCC Introduction were followed by closing and friendship hour.

As usual, the second day started with Delegates’ Presentation session, then AMSA-Indonesia session. This day is filled with 2 lectures about “Skills Development: 5 Stars Doctors” and “GO Session”. The delegates then were introduced to the interesting AMSA International eNewsletter. Then the day continued with small group discussion, sponsorship session, heart-warming friendship hour and ended with the exciting national event bidding for IMSTC 2022.

Last but not least, the last day started with the Rapat Tatap Muka of the tenure, the last delegates session of the event, the last lecture session about “Skills Development: "Coaching Mindset", and also the last merchandise bazaar. Next, the awaited Alumni Session was then continued by cultural session, guest star session, social hour and ended spectacularly in a memorable farewall party.

This national event has been a memorable, insightful, virtually yet really bonding event. Thank you NALT 2021, it has been fun!

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries”

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