Published on 9 January 2022

Hear the Words | HEARD 2022

8th Januari 2022
Our Own House

Yesterday, on January 8, 2022, Community Outreach Division AMSA-Unhas  2021/2022 held a virtual event called HEARD (Hear the Words). This event was held to increase public awareness of the deaf and a place for education to learn sign language, as well as to contribute in the form of donations that will be distributed to people with hearing impairments.

This activity was started with a pretest to check our knowledge about hearing loss and its cause. There was also a short lecture about “Understanding Hearing Loss, and How It Happens” which was presented by dr. Trining Dyah, Sp.ENT-KL and continued with a QnA session. Not only that, we can also learn about how to preserve your hearing and the prevention from losing it, which was presented by Dr. dr. Masyita Gaffar, Sp.THT-KL.

The activity then followed with a Sharing Session with an NGO, called Komunitas Akar Tuli Malang. In this session, we also learn about Sign Language which was certainly a memorable experience for us in this activity. At the end of this event, a post-test was held to again see how far we know about hearing loss after the lectures and the whole activity. A unique performance was also presented by the committee at the end, by performing “Manusia Kuat” using sign language.


Thank you to all of the committees who have been preparing this event greatly. There were so many good things and new knowledge that we can experience from the event.

See you on the next event!

“Grown in Everlasting Chances, Bloom in the Service for Others.”
Viva AMSA!