Published on 8 October 2021

AMSEP China for Indonesia 2021

3rd-7th October 2021
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

AMSEP China X Indonesia 2021 was held virtually and hosted by AMSA Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This event was held for five days, started from  3rd October until 7th October 2021.

At this event, the delegates learned a lot of new things about Communicable Disease, HIV, Covid-19 Pandemic, and the History of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which were packaged in the form of lectures, video sharing, student sharing, CBL, case discussion, and poster presentation.

Not only that, the delegates were also invited to get to know China, especially Shanghai, more closely! Here, the delegates were presented with a video sharing about the Shanghai cultural performance and a glimpse into beautiful Shanghai. Then the delegates were also given the opportunity to do Chinese Papercutting directly! What an amazing experience!

On the last day, the delegates were then invited to review what had been done during these past 5 days of AMSEP China for Indonesia, one video showing. The 5th day of AMSEP was then closed with an awarding and closing ceremony.

It's great to be a part of AMSEP China for Indonesia 2021!

Thank you to AMSA Shanghai Jiao Tong University for hosting this year's AMSEP and also for all the unforgettable experiences!

See you at the next AMSEP!


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