AMSA-Unhas 16th Anniversary


Saturday, 22nd of September 2018

Regency Hotel, 15th floor

Event Description

On Saturday, 22nd of September 2018, AMSA-Unhas celebrated its 16th anniversary in Remcy Hotel 15th floor. The evening started with guests arriving and writing their wishes to AMSA-Unhas. Then, welcoming speeches were given by our Representative, Ruth Syeela, one of our oldest member attending, Raissa Alfaathir H, and closed by the Vice Dean for Students and Alumni of the Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University, substituted by dr. Firdaus Kasim, Ph.D.

After speeches were given, the guests played a game and lighted some fireworks to commemorate the blowing candle event. After that, the guests ate dinner, with live music entertaining them the entire time. Photobooth was also provided for the guests that wanted to take pictures to keep the memories.


“Synergizing Diversity, Thriving in Unity.”

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About Us

AMSA (Asian Medical Students' Association) - UNHAS is an external organization in Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University, founded on 2002. It is a board member of AMSA-Indonesia (since 2004) and AMSA-International (since 2005).

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Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. KM 10

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