Published on 20 September 2021

AMSEP Indonesia for China 2021

10th-12th and 18th-19th September 2021
Our Own House

AMSEP Indonesia for China 2021 hosted by AMSA-Unhas for AMSA Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was held on 10th-12th and 18th-19th September 2021, with the theme "DIASTOLE: Endeavor Healthy Lifestyle to Restrain Cardiovascular Disease”.

The delegates were welcomed with traditional dances from Makassar and also a glimpse of Makassar City itself, including the foods, traditional instruments, etc. During this exchange program, we learned a lot about the Electrocardiogram and Non-Communicable Disease. The informations were brought in various ways, started from an educational videos, lectures, focus group discussion, and presentations.

The first lecture was about “Acknowledged Acute Coronary Syndrome Based on Electrocardiogram Abnormality” and presented by Andriany Qanitha MD, M.Sc, Ph.D. After the academic session is over, we invite the delegates to take a tour in a virtual museum and also a cooking class! Another insightful lecture was about “Clinical Skill Learning” on "Basic Electrocardiograph" by dr. Frizt Alfred Tandean, Sp.JP. Then, the delegates watched the video broadcast of A Day In A Life Vlog and participated in the Health Webinar by dr. Raissa Alfaathir Heri, Sp.N, about "Hypertension and Its Prevention".

On the last day, a series of events from the Farewell Party was held to mark the end of AMSEP Indonesia for China 2021. This farewell party contained performances from the delegates and committees, sharing session, awarding, and ended with a summary of the event in After Event video.


Thank you to our beloved delegates from AMSA Shanghai Jiao Tong University for participating in AMSEP Indonesia for China 2021 and made a lot of beautiful memories together.

Let's Endeavor Healthy Lifestyle to Restrain Cardiovascular Disease!


See you at the next AMSEP!


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