East Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2021


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East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) Manila, 2021 held virtually yet filled with many interactive activities. Starting from 3rd of January to 10th, the conference does not disappoint participants to get insights about “Communication in Healthcare: Sending the Right Message”.

At 3-4 January 2021, Executive Board meeting and Pre-conference was held as warming-ups before exciting events ahead.

5th January 2021 marks the first day, as we join the opening ceremony to know about AMSA-Philippines and a glimpse of its culture, also getting greetings from AMSA-International and their wonderful sharing and teamwork. We are also given informative panel sessions from 4 well known doctors and experts, a discussion of a certain health problem that has been going on in the Philippines. Not long after we are brought to see Jeepney as Philippines’ culture on public transportation. Guess it’s like pete-pete in Makassar, or ojek, right? The day ends epic-ly with Social Activity #1 that is very fun indeed, a “Bring-me” game to search up certain stuffs from our own houses with the loser to be punished. Imagine running from your room to the kitchen to pick up cooking pans in this pandemic!

The next day starts with a “Word-Guessing” game with our respective group GM’s in the icebreaker session. Then, we are split into two of our chosen cultural workshops. The conference offers various interesting workshops, such as Bisayan Language, Zoomba, Tagalog Language, Puni Leaf Folding, Calligraphy and etc.

As usual, the day also starts with fun icebreaker games on the third day, a pop quiz about AMSA and Asian general facts. As usual, the loser gets to be punished! Don’t worry, we just get to sing/dance. Then we are split again to our chosen parallel sessions, surely about topics about communication in healthcare, such as visual communication gesture and Dr.Google & Misinformation. It’s great to have informative sessions aside from college life.

The fourth day is the presentation day for scientific paper and white paper competition. We get to see from many countries abroad presenting their hearts out. Pay attention to see the best from many countries! Oh, this day’s icebreaker is to show our artistic side! Online scribbling time!

On the fifth day laid our last icebreaker session with our group GM’s. We played “Guess-the-song” game, and it was really fun! Funny how we are from different countries but music bring us as one. Then in the middle of the day we are filled with Design Thinking Sessions, from the plenary, workshop, to the presentation. We are working hard to discuss cases of health communication problems in islands of Philippines.

A glimpse of the Philippines experience ends on 10th January 2021, with the lovely speed dating social activity! This surely opened the eyes of the participant to improve their english speaking skills as communicating to many people from other countries is not only awkward, but very fun and lively! It will be such a shame to miss out for such an opportunity, it was an honour, EAMSC 2021! The day ended with the elegant Closing Ceremony. As we said our goodbyes, we are back with more speed dating because democracy wins, “we want more!” in the comment sections came true.

Thank you for this virtual yet heart-warming, EAMSC 2021! Definitely an experience worth money and time spent.

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries”

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