Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program UK 2020


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Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP) England, UK at King’s College of London was held on January 25th until February 3rd, 2020

On the first day, after all delegates from Indonesia arrived at London, they joined a dinner together with all the host from King’s College of London. The next day, delegates from Indonesia went to St. Thomas Hospital to do a hospital visit. After that they went to chill together at King’s College of London then they had a dinner. On the third day, they had a campus tour at King’s College of London. Then on the next day they went to Imperial College for a tour. On the fifth day, they joined a history taking session, an anatomy talk through with dr. Hunter and they saw a heart dissection. After that they went to Oxford University for a campus tour then they joined a cultural night. On the last day they had a wholesome brunch at the AMSEP Officer’s home and after that the delegates were sent to the airport

AMSA-UK had successfully made a memorable trip for our delegates. A big thank you to the committee for this wonderful AMSEP experience

“Endlessness Ingenuity, Beyond the Possibility.”

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