1st Anniversary of Covid-19 Pandemic

Publish by Admin Web on 29 March 2021

Exactly a year ago, WHO declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic. Latest update of Covid-19 on 10th March 2021 there's 117.132.788 positive cases in the world and 2.600.839 deaths. In Indonesia there's 1.398.578 positive cases and 37.932 deaths. This number make us aware about  how this pandemic takes a lot of toll in our daily lives.

Now in 2021 the new vaccines has been spread out and administrated to prevent Covid-19 spreads. But we should not forget to keep health protocol even though we had been vaccinated such as wearing masks, stay at least 6 feet apart, wash your hand with soap or antiseptic solution and stay at home.

Do not discourage because of pandemic because it's not the end of everything. Make it become new step stones to make a better life ahead. Our hands are tiny, our voices may seem inaudible, but together let us help stop the pandemic even with our littlest spark of action!

“Enrich Collaboration, Exceed the Boundaries”

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